Taemin and NaEun's awkward skinship caused by Key and Minho

Looks like SHINee Minho and Key's appearance in WGM made Taemin nervous and uncomfortable in front of NaEun.

On June 22nd episode of We Got Married, Key and Minho were invited as guests for the couple's housewarming party. Besides, they even prepared a cute cake for Taemin's celebration of Coming of Age Day.

Apparently, Key and Minho were bored as there's no interaction from the couple. Key initiated and asked Taemin to hold NaEun's hand while slicing the cake which Minho agreed on. The two seemed really awkward in front of the two SHINee members.

Unsatisfied, Minho asked Taemin to put his arm around NaEun's shoulder which made Taemin really uncomfortable. However, thanks to his persistent hyungs, the couple were able to have a cute couple picture taken.

Watch the clip below:

Source: MBCentertainment@YT