T-ARA's Qri Talks To Simsimi!

Qri posted a photo of her conversation with Simsimi.

On the 15th, member of girl group T-ara uploaded a photo on her Twitter account. The photo was a screen captured of her conversation with Simsimi, a super-advanced chatting robot available on Apple and Android apps stores.

Their conversation went like this:
Qri : Eunjung
Simsimi : Ham Baek Gu is mine. You should not desire my girl.
Qri : She is mine.
Simsimi : She's mine. I won't let her go.
Qri : Qri
Simsimi : Lee Qri is just a Goddess.

Seems Qri was happy with Simsimi's answer regarding her as maybe this was the reason why she posted this photo on Twitter.

Do you agree with Simsimi that Qri is a Goddess?

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net