T-ara's Hyomin leaves a 'reflection message' on twitter after a year

T-ara Hyomin finally tweeted after almost a year. If you can still account what happened, Hyomin has been quiet after the controversy back in 2012 and hasn't tweeted until today.

She left a very meaningful and self-reflection message on her twitter.

"Today is the 'Countryside Life's' last broadcast... Every stage has been very precious and even though I am worried and scared, after having experienced it, I realized the importance and dedication for work that I wasn't aware before. In that case... I will do better with a more honest mind. Honestly, I would like to thank everyone who listened and supported our song. Also, to our SPEED dongsaengs, choreography team and to all the staff members, whom I'm thankful for, you've work hard."

Glad to see her back and reflect. Let's cheer for them!

Source: Hyomin's twitter