T-ara’s Boram, D-Unit’s Wooram and their father Jeon Young Rok release family CF

T-ara’s Boram, D-Unit’s Wooram and their 80’s pop star father Jeon Young Rok got together for their first family CF for a beverage brand, OranC.

The CF was uploaded via D-Unit’s official Youtube channel showing the two sisters having a wonderful time with his father. Especially, Boram and Wooram display great resemblance but each boast different charms and great looks.

Jeon Young Rok said, “I do not know if I will have such a chance again in my life, but it was great to be with my daughters.” Wooram added, “I could enjoy such a chance, because I debuted as a singer. This video will remain as a special memory forever.”

Check out the CF below.