'Special fan' Dara snaps a photo with the baddest female!

Dara, who is very enthusiastic in her support to CL, uploaded a photo of them together acknowledging herself as CL's fan.

On her twitter, she wrote, "I am the best among CL's fans!!! ^_^v"

On the photo, Dara appeared like a special fan taking a photo with her idol while holding a fan banner. The photo was taken after CL's awesome stage earlier on Inkigayo. Fans commented, "Dara you're way too sweet!","I must agree that she beats all CL fans out there!","Dara you're so cute in your outfit!" and so on.

Does everyone agree that she's CL's best fan?

Source: Dara's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net