SHU-I's jacket photo unveiled + new mini-album tracklist

SHU-I is back after four years with a new mini-album this July.

SHU-I is done with their album jacket photoshoot. They are working on finishing their music video recording. The tracklist for the mini album consists seven different tracks plus two instrumentals. 

2.Forever with you (where they participated in its composition)
3.Summer sweet (a Japanese single in Korean version)
5.붙잡고 싶어 
6.Bomb Bomb Bomb (debut single on September 2009)
7.구해줘 (Please Help Me)
9.Forever with you (ins.)

SHU-I consists of five members - main rapper and leader Inseok ('88), sub-vocalist Changhyun ('88), sub-vocalist Hyungjun ('89), main vocalist Minho ('89), and maknae, lead rapper and dancer Jinseok ('91)

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SOURCE: Sports WorldSHU-I and @shueyesubs