Se7en and Sangchu investigated for visiting massage parlor while on duty

Celebrity soldiers Se7en and Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu are being investigated by South Korean military for visiting massage parlors while serving on active duty.

On June 25, SBS’ ‘In Depth 21’ broadcasted footage of celebrity soldiers after participating in a concert for soldiers on June 21. Around 10 PM, the celebrity soldiers gathered to eat dinner at a nearby restaurant with alcoholic drinks like soju while wearing casual clothing (which is breaking the army rules).

At 2AM, two soldiers (Se7en and Sangchu) left the motel again and were spotted going to a massage parlor nearby. After spending 10 minutes, they took a taxi and went to another massage parlor. They spent about 30 minutes in that parlor before exiting.

When ‘In Depth 21’ reporters confronted the soldiers, asking if they went into both massage parlors, they attempted to take the cameras away with violent force. The soldiers also denied drinking or doing anything illegal.

Ministry of National Defense confirmed that an investigation is ongoing, saying, “We are currently investigating current celebrity recruits Se7en and Sangchu entering an adult entertainment establishment after their performance.”

Check out the footage below: