Rookie group 2EYES says “Don’t Mess With Me” on ‘M! Countdown’

SidusHQ’s first girl group, 2EYES, is out on the scene with their debut single “Don’t Mess With Me”, performing their first debut stage on this week’s ‘M! Countdown’.

Their debut single album will include the title song “Don’t Mess With Me” and two other tracks, “Bloody Luv” and “This Is Irony.” Unlike most of other girl groups, 2EYES will have more of hip hop style.

2EYES is made up of five members namely Lee Hyang Sook, Kim Hye Rin, Lee Da Som, Jung Da Eun, and Kim Yeon Jun. Being the first girl group of SidusHQ, the agency is giving its full support, bringing talented musicians and dancers to help them on their debut.

Check out their performance below!