'Mental Breaker' in CNBlue keeps a girl in mind?

On June 1, a mysterious 'Mental Breaker'  tweeted using CNBlue's twitter account leaves a message,

'Mental Breaker is here. Wow~ Today's Melbourne concert which is full of fun successfully ended~~!! Melbourne's atmosphere is too hot! That girl who danced since the beginning until the end keeps appearing to my mind kk I'm anticipating for Sydney's concert tomorrow as well! kk therefore we will eat a lot of healthy goods and go to Sydney tomorrow ppyong~!! Good night!'

Mental Breaker is revealed to be Jungshin, an English name given to him during their Singapore Blue Moon Concert. Yonghwa is Dragon Flower, Minhyuk is Ethan and Jonghyun is John.

So who could be that girl?

Source: CNBLUE_4@twitter