MBLAQ’s Thunder and Mir talk about their sisters’ beauty

Idol group MBLAQ, who just returned with “Sexy Beat”, appeared as guests on Mnet ‘Beatles Code 2’ which was aired on June 10th. During the show, members Thunder and Mir expressed their honest thoughts about their famous older sisters.

Thunder, who currently lives with his family, revealed, “When I see her (2Ne1’s Sandara) at home, I don’t really think that she’s pretty. But when she is with other singers onstage, she becomes very pretty.”

The MC then jokingly asked, “So you are saying other singers are ugly?”, to which Thunder quickly explained, “No I don’t mean that. I mean when she is with other singers who are pretty, she becomes pretty too.”

In complete contrast to Thunder, actress Go Eunah’s brother, Mir, revealed the reality of brother-sister love saying, “My sister is the worst of the worst”, adding that he never thought Go Eunah is pretty.