Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung fly to America for early honeymoon?

Soon-to-be husband and wife, Lee Byung Hyun and Lee Min Jung left on a trip to the America together on June 7th, sparking rumors that they might have an early honeymoon.

A representative of Lee Byung Hun’s agency explained, “It is true that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung left to America together last week for agency meetings and schedules. It’s too fancy to call it a honeymoon. They’re just gone for business and vacation.”

The rep added, “Lee Min Jung went to America as her private vacation while Lee Byung Hun will have his promotions for his new movie ‘Red 2’. As we know, they are not on an early honeymoon.”

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung will tie the knot on August 10th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.