Kim Jong Kook's First Malaysia Showcase ended successfully

Running Man's Sparta Kim Jong Kook's first ever showcase in Malaysia ended successfully on 14th June 2013 at HGH Convention Centre.

He performed "Today More Than Yesterday" to begin the showcase, he greeted Malaysian fans with "Apa Khabar" and said, "Oh my god! Din't expect so many people to be here, i am surprised that there are so many overseas fans who know us (Running Man)." He then mentioned that he already tried Nasi Lemak and like the hot weather of Malaysia.

When he was asked about dieting, he confidently said," I don't have to, i will exercise every morning". During the game session, Kim Jong Kook shook hands with lucky fans, besides having the chance to play some mini games with him, some fans even had the opportunity to hug him as well.

During the "Dream Girl" session, Kim Jong Kook revealed his ideal girl, huge eyes, darker skin, round face, long hair and a girl who likes to sing etc, 5 fans who qualified to be his dream girl were invited to the stage. He then decided a girl who resembled Janet Jackson to be his dream girl.

In addition, one of the "Dream Girl" contestants had Gary's name printed on her shirt, Kim Jong Kook said," Gary already has girlfriend, is Jihyo!", they are known as the Monday Couple.

Besides local fans,fans from Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore also attended the showcase too, showing his immense popularity.