IU updates fans her 'whatabouts' and 'whereabouts'

IU @ 11st Concert at Jaraseom by 연꽃연단

On June 15, IU updates her fans about her 'whatabouts' and 'whereabouts' in her latest post on official Daum Fancafe. She also excites fans by teasing them with the happenings on the next episodes of her drama 'You're The BEst Lee Soo Shin'.

Here's the full translation of her post.

(Note: She means in the title that people were disappointed after watching ep 29.) Well I said episode 30 would be interesting.. I was being objective, but everyone be happy! In episode 30, all the scenes you guys want will be broadcasted!! Ahahahaha!! All-in!! I just finished my Gapyeong performance and I’m on my way back to Seoul. Today was the first birthday of our YTBLSS director’s son. The cast gathered together and attended the celebrations. It’s been awhile since we had the chance to talk about something other than work, and ask one another how they are doing and joke around in a light atmosphere… so it was really heartwarming!! Come to think of it, there are only 20 episodes left now. Episodes 1 to 20 felt really long, but episodes 30 to 50 will pass by with lightning speed. Everyone knows one another well, so we give each other support and tell each other things like “your scene was interesting” or “that scene was really good”.. The weather is getting hotter and as we get more tired, we’re giving each other more support!! I’m someone who has mood swings (Note: meaning suddenly being very happy and suddenly becoming sad), but the people around me are silent and cool. Really reliable. I’m really grateful towards the other actor oppas and unnies. After the birthday celebration, there was some time left, so for the first time ever, my dad went with me to the hairdressers I go to and cut his hairㅋㅋ (my dad thought he looked good and purposely let his hair grow long, but was persuaded by mum) A much more handsome dad (with a teary face) and a satisfied mum (she wanted to get dad to perm his hair but failed, what a pity). Mum wanted to watch “Secretly Greatly” so we went on a movie date.ㅋㅋ Also, at Gapyeong, the kids and their dads were cheering throughout my performance. It was a really heartwarming day!! A fruitful day!!ㅋㅋ Tomorrow will be a busy day starting from midnight, but with renewed strength from today, I’ll make it through tomorrow too! After tomorrow’s episode 30, I’ll post some heartwaming photos~ Everyone worked hard today!! (Amidst all this, “IU train date” appeared as one of the hot issues below! That’s right that’s tomorrow’s episode!!!!)
Translated by Squishyblob @ weheartiu

Photo source: sangrim121