INFINITE Sunggyu admits his mistake and apologizes sincerely

INFINITE's Sunggyu is facing a challenge for his harsh remarks about ladies in their 30s. The controversy fired up when a BTS clip of tvN's 'Genius: Rules of the Game' was released on June 26.

In the clip, Park Eun Ji, Lee Sang Min, and Infinite's Sunggyu are discussing about the game. Park EunJi made a comment and told Lee Sang Min, "It's hard to make a living isn't? Living for 30 years, I realized that it's not that easy." in which Sang Min replied, "Yes, it's true.. for woman as they reach 30..." In this part, Sunggyu interrupted and finished with his remark "she became yomul**."

(**Yomul, when points to woman, means wicked or someone who conspires to do something considered immoral, illegal, or harmful. It can also mean attracting a man for a purpose that will benefit herself.)

Before realizing his word, viewers received it as a very offending comment about women and immediately demanded an apology.

On June 27, Sunggyu apologized and admitted his mistake on his twitter account, "Hello. I am Sunggyu. The recent issue is not a misunderstanding. It's definitely my fault. I deeply apologize for people who have been disappointed or hurt by my reckless words. I'll reflect on my action, realize my mistakes and be more respectful towards people with a humble heart."

To prove that he is really reflecting, on June 28, Sunggyu deleted all his tweets except his apology. Fans who have been following him commented, "It's so painful to see him deleting his tweets.","He's very sincere.","Be strong oppa!" and so on.