Famous foreign choreographer visits YGE in preparation for 2NE1's comeback in June!

After 2NE1 leader's solo debut, the group is expected to have their comeback in June.

On May 30, an official confirmed that a popular foreign choreographer secretly visited YGE days ago to work on the choreography of 2NE1's comeback song. As a matter of fact, CL, who just released her solo single on 28th, is already rehearsing the new choreography along with other members despite her busy schedule.

YG representative said, 'The choreographer who is working on the choreography of 2NE1's new song is a famous choreographer in Japan. They are working hard to show a different dance so please anticipate."

At the time of 2NE1's 4th anniversary on May 17, YG released a mysterious photo with a caption 'Are You Ready?', and confirmed that it hints 2NE1's upcoming comeback.

The official added, 'Actually even the people inside the agency don't know the exact date of the comeback, but the information about the foreign choreographer is true."

Are you ready blackjacks?

Source: Nate
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net