Dynamic Duo releases album jacket + tracklist for ‘Lucky Numbers’

Raising anticipation for their comeback, Dynamic Duo has released the album cover artwork and the full tracklist for upcoming seventh album, ‘Lucky Numbers’.

‘Lucky Numbers’ will have 13 tracks in total that encompass a variety of music genres including hip-hop, soul and trap. The title song will be “BAAAM”, a track that expresses the feelings of a man after getting his heart taken away by a woman.

The new album garnered more attention as many popular hip-hop singers will feature in the duo’s songs, including Supreme Team, Zion. T and Primary. Also, SISTAR’s Hyorin will contribute her talents in one of the track.


01. 진격의 거인 둘
02. 쌔끈해feat. Zion.T
03. skit #1
04. 거품 안 넘치게 따라줘 feat. Crush, DJFriz
05. BAAAM feat.Muzie of UV
06. airplane mode feat. 이주한 혜원 of winterplay, simo
07. 만루홈런 feat. Supreme Team, DJFriz
08. 슛 골인
09. 날개뼈 feat. 효린 of sistar
10. 아침사랑
11. 비극pt.2
12. 범죄야 범죄feat. 정재일
13. 가끔씩 오래보자