Dara got kicked out by security while supporting CL?

There's no way you could kicked out a very supportive girl like her. Isn't it Blackjacks?

Believe it or not, 2NE1's Dara goes all out to show her infinite support for their leader CL. To the point that she experienced being kicked out from the pre-recording area wherein she mixed along with the fans and cheered for CL.

On her twitter, she wrote series of tweets to remind Blackjacks to watch CL who is going to perform in Inkigayo today,

"Blackjacks!!! be sure that before you enter pre-recording you practice the fanchant well alright!? So that our rapper CL can focus.. Whoo.. and.. there's nothing more to prepare right? whoo.. I’m nervous.. why!!! relax…!!!" 
"What is everyone doing~ Lets play!!!" 
"I’m… entering, but I was told to go out.. yuyu I want to watch the pre-recording. I'm going to watch it no matter what!!"

"CL unni is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Nappeun Gizibe is really daebak!!! You’ll watch inkigayo right? It’s very cool…"

She also uploaded photos of her taken while holding fan support banners.

According to some fanaccounts, Dara mixed up with fans who are holding fan banners and cheered by doing 'The Baddest Female' fanchant. Fans assumed that she was asked to go out during the pre-recording because she's a singer and in order to avoid any trouble. Dara responded to it as she says "Because I was too pretty."

Source: Dara's twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net