CNBLUE's Yonghwa reaches fans' hearts as he celebrates his birthday!

CNBlue's vocalist Yonghwa is celebrating his 25th birthday today. That makes his 3rd birthday after debut. Today, fans send their endless warm greetings in hope to reach Yonghwa.

Yonghwa generously update fans with a photo of him and the gifts he received and wrote on their twitter account, "Everyone!!! Today is!!!!! Yong Day! kk Kya!!! kk Hethetdehet…It's my 3rd birthday after debut, I think I can celebrate a real happy birthday because of you! Thank you for always supporting me. Since it’s my birthday today, I hope it’s a party for all! I'm sorry I can't greet each of you, but I hope my heart reaches you!"

With his heartwarming message, fans responded,"Your heart safely arrives here.","Happy Birthday!","Hope we can celebrate more birthday with you!" and so on.

Happy Birthday Yonghwa!

Source: CNBLUE_4@twitter;weibo