Big Bang’s Daesung to release solo Japanese single “I Love You”

Big Bang’s Daesung, who goes by the alias ‘D-Lite’, will release his first solo single in Japan next month.

According to YG Entertainment, Daesung will collaborate with internationally renowned Japanese violinist, Taro Hakase, for his upcoming solo single “I Love You”. The song is a remake of the song by popular J-pop singer Ozaki Yutaka, which was widely known in Korea as well.

Daesung was very honored to work with Taro Hakase, who has found fame by working with Celine Dion’s popular song “To Love You More”. He said, “Ozaki Yutaka’s song was so popular that there was some pressure for me to sing it, but I decided to challenge myself because it’s a song I love. I’m honored I’ll be collaborating with Taro Hakase.”

Daesung’s newly re-interpreted version of song “I Love You” will be released on July 31.