B.A.P discloses mystery behind the secret code in crop circle teaser

The power group B.A.P, who is gearing up to make a grand comeback, recently left fans excited and confused with the release of a mysterious poster for their secret project. Luckily, member Youngjae came to the rescue and helped fans to decipher the strange symbols around the crop circle.

On June 25, Youngjae tweeted, “Are you curious about the code of the mysterious circle? (I know… Ha) D-1, Coming Soon.” He also attached the meaning of the secret markings seen in the border surrounding the crop circle.

The secret message reads, “81718 서울시 송파구 방이동 882”, which is actually the address of Seoul Olympic Park. The numbers “81718”, on the other hand, probably hinting at the date of another concert on August 17 and 18.

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