After School’s Nana rejects blind date offer from Kim Bum Soo

After School’s Nana and singer Kim Bum Soo have been caught up in an embarassing situation.

On the June 2nd episode of SBS ‘Barefooted Friends’, the cast members along with singer Lee Hyori visited Kim Bum Soo’s home. The members were asked to go through their contact list and find someone who is most likely to go out with Kim Bum Soo.

Kim Hyun Joong made a phone call to After School’s NaNa, and asked her if she has any intention of having a blind date with Kim Bum Soo.

Kim Hyun Joong asked Nana, “You know Bum Soo hyung right? He currently doesn’t have girlfriend so what do you think…?” Nana answered, “Why are you doing this to me? Although he seems to be a good guy, I think he is too much older than me.”

Then, Kim Bum Soo took the phone and said, “Why are you doing this to me? I’m your big fan” to which Nana responded, “I’m also your fan. Of course, I was just joking. You know it, right?”

Netizens commented, “She’s so funny”, “I think Kim Bum Soo was bewildered because of NaNa’s words” and “Yes, their age gap is quite big.”