2PM and Big Bang bring home the bacon from Japan

On June 22, the 'MTV VMAJ 2013' (Video Music Awards Japan) were held successfully at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

K-pop's TVXQ, Big Bang, and 2PM were nominated in three different categories. Both Big Bang and 2PM each won an award, but  unfortunately TVQX's “Catch Me – If you wanna- was defeated by J Soul Brothers‘ “Hanabi” in the ‘Best Group Video‘ category.

Big Bang's music video for "Fantastic Baby" won the category of 'Best Dance Video' while the LEGEND OF 2PM‘ left on top as the ‘Best Album of the Year' leaving western albums behind. 

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: bigbangupdate