Yang Hyun Suk rates Lee Hi’s concert 80 out of 100 points

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk revealed his thoughts regarding Lee Hi’s first concert.

Lee Hi held her first ever concert ‘RE-HI’ in front of 500 fans at Seoul Seokang University’s Merry Hall. She not only sung her own songs, but also presented other artists’ songs, which she had sung before when she was completing in ‘K-Pop Star’.

During the concert, Lee Hi joked, “CEO Yang never gave me a perfect score of 100.” When Yang Hyun Suk was asked by a media outlet what score would he give to the singer’s concert, he answered, “I once gave Park Ji Min 100 points on ‘K-Pop Star’, but never to Lee Hi.”

He then rated the concert, “If I had to give a score, I’d say that this concert would be around 80 points.”