Wonder Girls’ Yubin reflects on her acting debut in ‘The Virus’

Wonder GirlsYubin expressed her thoughts on making a successful debut as an actress through OCN drama ‘The Virus’.

Yubin shared, “Because it was my first attempt in acting career, I still think I could have done better. It feels like as if my promotion for music album has ended. As much as this is my first production, I have a lot of affection for it.”

She continued, “I also learned a lot. I was afraid at beginning but all of the staffs and senior actors taught me and took care of me so well. I feel lucky to film my first production with such good sunbaenims.”

Yubin played the role of the genius hacker and IT specialist Lee Joo Young. She received great compliments from the drama’s producer Choi Young soo saying, “I was satisfied at her acting which surpassed my expectations. She is 100 points of out 100.”