U-KISS' SooHyun & Kevin's Summer Snow Musical Information

Idol group U-KISS members SooHyun and Kevin will appear in a musical in Japan called 'Summer Snow' from the 31st of May until to the 15th of June which will be held at Tokyo's Akasaka ATC Theater. SooHyun will portray the role of 'Jinha' while Kevin as 'SooHyun'.

Check out the information of their musical below.

Musical Summer Snow
Duration: 2013.05.31 (Friday) ~ 2013.06.15 (Saturday)
Location: Tokyo Akasaka ATC Theater 

[SooHyun's Performance Dates]
2013.06.10 (Monday) 1:30PM / 6:30PM 
2013.06.11 (Tuesday) 1:30PM / 6:30PM 

[Kevin's Performance Dates]
2013.06.10 (Monday) 1:30PM / 6:30PM
2013.06.11 (Tuesday) 1:30PM / 6:30PM
2013.06.14 (Friday) 7PM
2013.06.15 (Saturday) 7PM

You can buy the tickets from Ticket Pia.

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net