U-KISS' Hoon & KiSeop Goong Musical Information!

It seems U-KISS members are busy with their individual activities as 4 of the group members which are Kevin, SooHyun, Hoon and KiSeop are doing musicals in Japan. Kevin and SooHyun for 'Summer Snow Musical' while Hoon and KiSeop are busy with 'Goong Musical'.

KiSeop and Hoon will appear in "Goong" for the Osaka performances which will be held at Theater BRAVA.

Check out more information about the musical below.

[Performance] Title Korea Musical "Palace"
(Sun) all 24 time 21 (Fri.) - July 5 [Performance Date] 2013 (planned)
Venue: Theater BRAVA! (Osaka)
Lee Shin role: Sung Mo (supernova) / Hoon (U-KISS) / Min Fan (FTISLAND) ※ tripling

Lee cast
Lee Yul role: Kiseop (U-KISS)

★ Hoon and Kiseop appearance is scheduled to be on 15 July 11.

[Tickets] (tax included)
10,000 yen / A seat
 13,000 yen / S seat