T-ara to reunite for Japan concert tour

Girl group T-ara, who’s currently separated in two sub-units; T-ara N4 and QBS, will be coming back as a whole group through Japanese concert tour this coming July starting with a two-day concert in Budokan Stadium in Tokyo.

T-ara became the very first K-pop girl group to perform on the stage of Budokan Stadium last year, and made headlines for selling out two shows even on weekdays. The group booked the stadium again for their second concert on July 12th and 13th, expecting a global audience of about 20,000.

The Budokan concerts will be included in T-ara’s Japanese tour, which will have a total of 11 performances in different cities of Japan. T-ara will perform various hits and greet their fans at their concerts in Japan.

Meanwhile, T-ara is planning for a come back in Korea after promotions in the United States and Japan.