T-ara N4 to travel to LA after receiving love call from Chris Brown

T-ara N4 receives a sudden love call from international pop star Chris Brown.

On May 11, the group's agency, Core Contents Media revealed, "We are shocked to receive a love call from Chris Brown. T-ARA N4 will fly to US on the 12th  to discuss everything."

This unexpected meet up is because of T-ara's Dani who is an acquaintance of Chris Brown. Dani was present at Chris' concert on May 9. She showed T-ara N4's hip hop music video for 'Rural Life'.

Upon watching the video, Chris Brown got an interest in the overall style of the group, including the fresh hip hop music and choreography.

Prior to this, he invited the girls to one of his shooting but because of Dream Concert schedule, it was pushed through. Chris then suggested to collaborate in the future and planned to meet after his San Jose concert.

In response to his invitation, T-ara N4 has an urgent change of schedules and will depart to LA at 3:15 on 12th to meet Chris Brown.

Source: Nate
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net