T-ara N4 to release 40,000 limited edition albums

T-ara N4 will be releasing a limited edition album of ‘Countryside Life’.

On May 2, Core Contents Media stated that T-ara N4 will be releasing 40,000 limited edition albums which includes 100 autographed albums by each member, for a total of 400 autographed albums in the pack.

In addition, T-ara will be giving out 400 free handwritten autographed albums to 400 people who post proof shots of them buying the album. The photos may be uploaded to Core Contents Media’s official cafĂ© or twitter.

The new album includes 5 distinctive songs including the title track ‘Country side Life,’ and is set to be released tomorrow on May 3rd. The title track ‘Contryside Life’ is a fusion of traditional Korean music and electronic.