T-ara N4 to give autographed hip-hop caps to fans

T-ara’s first subunit T-ara N4 will give a special gift to their fans.

T-ara N4 will be throwing their autographed hip hop caps, which they actually wear on the stage, to the audiences at ‘Dream Concert’ on May 11th. The unit already gave caps at the end of their performances of “Countryside Life” earlier today on ‘Osong Music Bank Special’.

T-ara N4 has a unique title song “Countryside Life”, that follows a hip-hop style and with similar outfits. Each stage, they will give autographed caps as special giveaway event for the fans who have shown love and support for the group.

With a unique fusion of traditional Korean music and hip hop, T-ara N4 will be making a special stage with 35 samulnori (Korean traditional dance) dancers on ‘Osong Music Bank Special’, ‘Dream Concert’ and ‘Inkigayo’.