T-ara N4 meets Chris Brown

After receiving a love call, T-ara N4 has arrived in Los Angeles to finally meet Chris Brown.

On May 13 (KST), T-ara’s unit group T-ara N4 landed in Los Angeles to meet with Hip-hop and R&B star Chris Brown. Although he wasn’t present at the airport, Chris Brown sent in 18 body guards and 5 limousines to escort them to a hotel.

The girls were supposed to meet up with Chris Brown at night but they went to Brown’s shooting studio during the day due to change of schedule. T-ara N4 members shook hands with the popular singer and discussed music. They also thanked him for inviting them to America.

This unexpected meet up is because of T-ara’s trainee Dani who is an acquaintance of Chris Brown. Dani was present at Chris Brown’s concert on May 9. She showed T-ara N4’s new music video for “Countryside Diary” and Brown got an interest in the overall style of the group.