T-ara N4 cries over Hwayoung’s departure

Beatles Code 2 guested T-ara N4.

On that episode, T-ara N4 was not able to hold their emotion regarding Hwayoung’s departure from the group. They cried and they expressed their feeling which is shown in the preview video below:

Eunjung commented, “Actually, we really had no idea that [Hwayoung] would leave,” and “It really hurts.” Hyomin also shared, “We weren't making her an outcast.”

The Queens make sure to comfort T-ara N4 by sharing some comments like:

"dont cry :(, but i hope they can convince the antis that they are not bullies"--- Somar Ochana
"Don't cry baby !!
Queens will support T-ARA forever !!"--- taitai9827
"Don't cry....t-ara fighting! Jiyeon fighting!!!!!!"---Hồng trần thị

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net
SOURCE: Ernez Pjy@YT