Super Junior Heechul is moved to tears by Donghae's letter?

Super Junior Heechul shared a story about how Donghae's letter made him cry while he's serving in the military.

On May 10, Heechul talked about fellow member Donghae in Sungdong Cafe wherein he is DJing as a part of his duty.

He revealed that he was touched by Donghae's letter. He shared, "I stayed only one month in Military Training Camp that's why I didn't miss my family that much. But when I received a letter from Donghae, I really shed tears. When I'm about to open the letter, I have this annoyed expression 'Ah really!', because his handwriting is really bad and messy. I think he can't even read his own handwriting. Moreover, he didn't even bother to put it in an envelope so I received it in roll. He also use a recycled paper. At the back of the paper is a SUKIRA script. People told me that he doesn't have any effort but I understand Donghae well. I know him that's why I was really touched."

Donghae is sure a sweet dongsaeng, isn't he?

You can watch the full clip below without subs

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