Sungmin appears at Gimpo airport in bandaged leg and crutches

Super Junior Sungmin surprised fans when he appeared at Gimpo Airport in crutches.

On May 26, Super Junior appeared at Gimpo Airport for a performance schedule in Busan. People noticed Sungmin's right leg wrapped in bandage and carrying crutches.Though he is injured, he is still flashing smile to the fans who came to see them.

According to some fan accounts, Sungmin hurt his leg while practicing his skateboard. Fortunately, according to his mom, his leg wasn't seriously injured and the thick bandage made it look so serious.

However, fans couldn't stop worrying and expressed, "You should stay home and rest.","Why are you still going?","Rest please and don't overwork."

Meanwhile, Sungmin is going to have Jack The Ripper musical schedule in three days, so until then, hope he'll get better.

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