South Korea featured in Philippine TV - Plus Lee Min Ho's-SJ's Siwon Look-Alike and Dasuri Choi's Appearance!

South Korea invades Philippines through television.

Hallyu Wave is spreading around the world because of KPOP. KPOP groups are invading the whole world by having world tours. This time, South Korea is featured in Philippine TV as KPOP is really popular in the country. Philippine TV program 'Matanglawin', a weekly science-environmental educational show hosted by Philippine's Trivia King Kuya Kim Atienza and is geared towards the young and young at heart. 

On the 5th of May, they featured many things about Korea including Korean dramas and KPOP. The main guests turned to be Lee Min Ho's and Super Junior's Siwon look-alike, Kurt Othello Sadje, Dasuri Choi who used to be the choreographer for KPOP groups such as Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls and 4Minute. Ryan Bang who is a Korean comedian and television host in the Philippines also appeared on the said TV program.

Kurt Othello Sadje talked about being a fan and cosplayer of Lee Min Ho. Filipino KPOP fans know him as he won Siwon and Lee Min Ho look-alike contests in the Philippines. Dasuri Choi and Ryan Bang talked about Korean culture and KPOP.

Watch the episode featuring South Korea below.

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