Song Seung Hun apologizes for Shin Se Kyung’s injury

Actor Song Seung Hun apologized for accidentally hitting co-star Shin Se Kyung while filming MBC’s ‘When a Man Loves’.

Earlier, Shin Se Kyung was revealed to have suffered an eye injury during a fight scene with Song Seung Hun and Yeo Woo Jin. Song Seung Hun swung a stick and hit Shin Se Kyung’s face, making her face bruise near her eye area.

According to an official, Song Seung Hun was largely surprised that he hit Shin Se Kyung, and he made another apology through his Twitter. The actor wrote, “I will pray for your hasty recovery… I’m so sorry.”

Shin Se Kyung replied back, “I’m really strong oppa! Dont worry about it~”, assuring the actor that she’s okay.