SNSD's Hyoyeon is dating Jay Joonhyung Kim?

The bees are buzzing around about SNSD's Hyoyeon and Jay Joonhyung Kim, a Korean socialite and an author. The rumor is that the two are dating!

There are couple of 'evidences' that will solidify the rumor. First, Apple Daily spotted Hyoyeon in Hong Kong with Tyler Kwon, the CEO of Coridel Group and boyfriend of famous Hong Kong singer/actress Gillian Chung, and Jay Joonhyung Kim. The video is just below.

Second is in Thailand, Jay Joonhyung Kim posted a photo on his instagram with Hyoyeon and his other friends. With this caption and I quote, "My Best Buddies.. Thaitanium Khan, Thai Superstart Rita & Aerin, Coolest guy Tew, My little SisterHY & friends~ Thanks All! @sriritajensen @tew_s@khanthaitay @aerinyuktadatta #bkk #friendship #gangnaman #sa"

Third, although the next picture wasn't visible anymore in Niranath Victoria Coates' instagram, other friends from media were able to keep a copy of it. Niranath Victoria Coatesa Thai model/actress, shared a photo with her friends including Hyoyeon. What is intriguing was the exchange of comments of a user named iamme989 and Niranath.  iamme989 asked, “Woww is that a girl from GG?”.  Niranath responded, “@iamme989 yeh she’s dating a friend of mine.”

There are lots of questions that arise. 

Who's that 'friend of mine' dating with Hyoyeon? Is it Jay Joonhyung Kim? 

Was that a slip of tongue? 

What happened to the picture? Was it deleted intentionally or not? Was the picture deleted to cover up the 'slip of tongue' ? 

A lot of answers needed.

However,if they are really dating and they are both single, there's nothing to hide about. But if privacy is their concern (I reiterate, if they are really dating), everyone deserves that right to privacy.

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SOURCE: VenusHyoyeon@YTjay_j_kimnootcoates

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