Seo In Guk throws Kyuhyun in a hapkido fight on Mamma Mia

On May 26th episode of KBS' Mamma Mia, Seo In Guk appeared with his mom as one of the guests.

Super Junior Kyuhyun, with his witty MC skills, lightens the mood as he attacked In Guk with his comments since the beginning of the show.

When they asked In Guk to show his hapkido (self-defense) skills, Kyuhyun was chosen to be his partner.

Seo In Guk take advantage to get his sweet revenge and Kyuhyun looked scared. He said, "Inguk-ah, you know I didn't mean that seriously right?" as he was calling for pity. In which In Guk replied, "Everyone here knows my feelings right?".

In this situation, Seo In Guk throws Kyuhyun two times and brought laughter to the set.

On the episode, Teen Top Niel, 2PM's Nickhun, U-Kiss Kevin and Choi Byeong Cheol (fencing athlete) with their moms also appeared.

Watch the cut below:

Video: RaiChanXD@YT
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