San E cancels contract with JYP Entertainment

Rapper San E has decided to leave his agency JYP Entertainment.

San E recently wrote on his fancafe, “I think I’ll cancel my contract with JYP Entertainment soon. It’s not that there’s any bad news or anything like that. It’s kind of long to tell the story from the beginning. Anyway, the conclusion is that I’m going to officially leave.”

He continued, “The most important thing is that there is absolutely no problem, and we all are on good terms. However, it doesn’t mean I’m quitting music. I’ll show another side of San E so please don’t be sad and just be happy.”

JYP Entertainment confirmed the news and stated, “His contract will be over during the week. We ended on good terms and had a lot of conversations with him. For his music promotions, we’ve decided not to end his contract but to cancel it.”

San E debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2010 and released his album ‘Everybody Ready?’.