Rain’s fans make a donation to celebrate his 11th anniversary

Celebrating Rain’s 11th anniversary since his debut, the star’s fanclubs from all over the world donated a large sum to support children.

On April 30th, UNICEF Korea announced that Rain’s fan club Clouds donated a total of 11,370,000 KRW to UNICEF to support children. The donation not only came from the fans in Korea, but from all around the world under the name of ‘Rain Fans United.’

The association of Rain’s fan clubs said, “We would like to make this donation to share the struggles that many children are still having at all over the world.

Rain’s debut date is April 28th, and April 25th also happens to be ‘World Day of Eradication of Malaria’, the fan club hoped that the donations will be used for buying clean water, medicines for malaria and mosquito nets.