PSY's impersonator tricks celebrities, identity revealed!

A video of 'PSY at 'Cannes Film Festival' VIP ROOM' that was uploaded on May 23, has been garnering attention. It's not because of the international star himself but because of the shocking revelation that he is just an impersonator of PSY who managed to get in in the VIP room and had a drink with few celebrities.

On May 26, the identity of 'fake PSY' has been revealed. His name is Kim Jae Wan, born in Seoul but grew up in France after he got adopted when he was 3 years old.

In an interview conducted by SBS “8 o’clock news”, he said, "When I go to clubs I was told many times that I looked like PSY and I decided to impersonate him. PSY made a huge impact in my life even though I can't speak Korean well and I haven't been in the country. I would like to meet PSY in person."

Watch the video of PSY at 'Cannes Film Festival' VIP ROOM' below:

Source: SBS ; monsieur2hollywood@YT
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