Project group H.J.g.R (H.O.T, Sechskies, g.o.d, NRG) release “You Can Do It” MV

Members of 90s idol groups, H.O.T, Sechskies, g.o.d and NRG have teamed up to form the project group called H.J.g.R and recreated a classic single, “You Can Do It” (May I Love You).

First generation group members Tony An (H.O.T), Moon Hee Jun (H.O.T), Chun Myung Hoon (NRG), Eun Ji Won (Sechskies), and Danny Ahn (g.o.d), who all starring in QTV’s ‘20th Century Boys’, decided to recreate N.R.G’s “You Can Do It”.

Check out the MV below!