Park Bom hailed as 'Fishnet Stockings Queen'

2NE1's Bom again caught the eyes of netizens for her recent fishnet stockings photos.

Photos of Bom wearing fishnet stockings were uploaded on various websites with a caption 'Fishnet stockings queen'.

The photos were taken from the May 21st performance of 2NE1 at Hanyang University Festival. Wearing her usual unique fashion, Bom flaunts her long and perfectly shaped legs. Her sexy charms were emphasized through her black shirt with slit-sleeves and black shorts. People who saw the photos expressed their envy for her perfect proportion.

They commented, "Her legs are really perfect. I haven't seen legs as proportioned as these.","She's really a head turner. I couldn't stop staring at her.","Not everyone looks good on fishnet stockings except Bom." and so on.

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