Nickhun,Kevin,Kyuhyun and Niel battle it out for the 'Best Flower Son' on Mamma Mia!

The May 26th episode of Happy Sunday Mamma Mia turned into a battle between handsome idols who appeared on the show along with their moms.

The battle is going to be won by the idol who can catch the attention of the moms and the audience.

Niel and Kevin performed a sexy dance that made the audience giggled. Seo In Guk melted the moms with his voice as he sang a ballad song. Choi Byeong Chul impressed the viewers as he lifted MC Lee Youngj. Lastly, Kyuhyun did a trot song which excites moms.

At the end, Choi Byeong Chul won and received more votes followed by Kyuhyun and Kevin.

You can watch the whole show below:

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