Nana gets lots of bruises all over her legs

On May 4, Orange Caramel Lizzy, Raina and Nana performed at Children’s Grand Park families Festival to celebrate Children's Day.

During the exciting event, fans noticed Nana's bruises on her legs as the girls wear orange dress. The bruises are noticeable. Apparently, the bruises are all over her thigh and mostly on the part of her knees.

Prior to this, fans got worried. Netizens assumed that the bruises came from non-stop preparation for their comeback that was slated at the end of May.

Fans reacted, "Now I'm curious how their choreography is like for Nana to get bruises like this.","Nana's precious legs has damages, hope it'll heal soon.","Nana please rest and don't get bruises anymore.","Nana is so hardworking." and such.

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel performed their hit song 'Aing' at the said event.

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