Medical examination reveals Hyuna's real health condition

For the the people especially Hyuna's fans who are worrying, the medical examination result has been revealed.

On May 9, Hyuna's agency, Cube Entertainment stated, "Hyuna underwent a basic examination instead of a detailed chek up. The result from the examination revealed that Hyuna doesn't have any serious health problems."

On May 6, Hyuna was sent to hostpital after she fainted from a  high fever that made fans worried. The agency added, "As of now, she's still has fever but we will check on her from time to time." They also revealed that they don't have any plans for Hyuna to continue her schedules until she's really fine.

Netizens who received the good news expressed, "She overworked.","It's a relief that she's ok now.","I feel good to know that she's healthy." and so on.

As of the moment, 4minute will continue promoting without Hyuna.

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