MBLAQ’s G.O and Rainbow’s Woori ready to play newlyweds

MBLAQ’s G.O. and Rainbow’s Woori are getting ready to play newlyweds in a special episode of KBS’s ‘Love and War 2’.

On May 22, Woori posted on her Twitter, “Love and War 2 idol segment press conference today♥Please look at us prettily this week at 11 o’clock Friday night!!^^”, and attached a photo of the couple posing sweetly for the camera.

The two idol stars attended the press roundtable for the idol special of the show held on May 22 where they discussed about the new episode’s difference from the first idol special.

‘Love and War 2’ is the sequel to the long-running TV show ‘Love and War’ dealing with the problems that exist between married couples by reenacting judicial precedents of divorce suits into the show.