Lee Seung Gi and Han Ji Min voted as 'the best future father and mother'

Recently, Eduwill organization has conducted a survey with the participation of 1,725 ​​people with a question "Which stars will be able to become an ideal father/mother in the future?"

As a result, Lee Seung Gi and Han Ji Min received the most votesare expected tobe the best father/mother in the future.

According to the participantsLee Seung Gi is a gentle, considerate and warm man,always take care of and smile with everyone around, especially the childrenLee SeungGi is expected to be a perfect father later.

The result for male stars:

No.1 - Lee Seung Giwith 37.4(645 votes)
No.2 - MCbroadcaster Kim Jae Dongwith 30.8(531 votes)
No.3 - Won Binwith 13.7(237 votes)
No.4 - Song Joong Kiwith 11(189 votes)
No.5 - Kim Soo Hyunwith 7.1(123 votes)

Meanwhile, with a healthy and elegant image, together with many charity activities to raise funds for children in need around the world for yearsactress Han Ji Min has made a deep impression in the hearts of many people as a kind and tolerant fairythe actress is voted as the best future mother.

The result for female stars:

No.1 - Han Ji Minwith 45% (777 votes)
No.2 - Comedian Shin Bong Sunwith 18.1(312 votes)
No.3 - Kim Tae Heewith 15.5(267 votes)
No.4 - Song Hye Kyowith 12(207 votes)
No.5 - Son Ye Jinwith 9.4(162 votes)

Written by Jenny@DKPOPNEWS