Kyuhyun gets frustrated on Mama Mia because of Juniel's mom

On May 19 episode of KBS's Mama Mia, Juniel's mom was one of the guests and made new MC Kyuhyun frustrated.

Super Junior Kyuhyun replaced SHINee's Minho as MC of Mama Mia because of SHINee's schedule. This is the first episode of Kyuhyun as the MC for the show and he has been already challenged as Juniel's mom revealed that she came to the show to see Minho.

Juniel's mom revealed that she is Minho's fan. Juniel added that her mom always searched about Minho on internet. Disappointed, Kyuhyun asked her what she likes about Minho and she responded that she likes Minho's style, his small face and lastly his stare.

To satisfy Juniel's mom, Kyuhyun stared intensely at the camera and even sang for her.

You can watch the cuts below:

Source: MsChoTaeHyun5@YT
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