Kim Tae Woo cast in global musical ‘The Lost Garden’

Singer Kim Tae Woo has been chosen as the lead actor for a new global musical ‘The Lost Garden’.

According to the show’s local promoter, Kim Tae Woo will star in the musical set for a world premiere at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China in June 8 and 9 followed by Thailand, Japan, Korea, and the US world tour.

‘The Lost Garden’ went through five years of pre-production and is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde‘s short story ‘The Selfish Giant.’ It portrays a journey of an innocent girl and her companions’ efforts to soothe and staunches a selfish giant’s hollow soul.

In the musical, Kim Tae Woo will portray the lonely giant who locked himself in his own castle and sings for modern people’s solitude.